Shipping policies

Delivery fee is not applied to the prices shown in the site web. The delivery service is provided by Fed Ex or DHL depending on the service coverage and the charge could vary depending on the package’s dimensions and weight. Also the fee may increase if the delivery corresponds to "Extended area” for the delivery company; this is because they must hire an external delivery company; this happens with some towns that are located far away from the main city. You might want to give us a call to verify the coverage in the area where you want us to make the delivery.

Data Verification

All data provided to make the delivery of any gift must be correct, including the phone numbers, area code, full address (name of the street, house number, neighborhood, and zip code). Before making any delivery we confirm with the recipient that all data provided by the costumer is correct due that any incorrect or false data could cause delays on the delivery or even avoid to make the delivery on the date and place requested. It is possible to avoid this verification information process if you demand it for, however we will not be responsible for any delay or non-delivered package.

Hotel deliveries:

It is possible to make deliveries in a hotel as long as customer help us to confirm the residence time of the recipient. Also the customer must provide us the complete information: number or name of the room, as well the booker’s name. We cannot be responsible of non-delivered packages if the information is wrong or lacking information.

Public places deliveries:

We do not make any delivery in public places such as a super market or mall also to students inside an institution.

We are not responsible of the internal policies of every company and enterpirse to the deliveries for their clerks. Please read the full policies about:

Companies and enterprises deliveries:

1.In some cases by internal policies of every company, our shipping personal are not allowed to enter to the plant and make the delivery in a personal way. Therefore we must leave the package in the reception area.

2.In some cases, by internal policies, employees and staff are not allowed to receive packages inside the companies. Therefore we strongly ask before to make the purchase, to make sure that this is possible and to give us punctual instructions to conclude the delivery.

3.There are some other cases when enterprises do accept employees and staff to receive packages, however the mailing goes to warehouses or depots and the recipient does not receive the package personally. Please make sure directly with the enterprise the internal delivery process so the package can arrive directly to the recipient.

Under any situation the total refund is going to be proceed of any article sent and non-received package. There could be applied extra fees for re try to make the delivery or to change the delivery address.

Delivery schedule:

We relay in Fed Ex and DHL shipping service and we have no incidence on their delivery schedules. Nevertheless we commit to make the delivery on the requested day. As we are located in the center of the country, we can make deliveries on the next day for most of the states however those which are on the limit north and the limit south it is necessary to make the purchase within one or two days in advance. Although we can verify the coverage area with the zip-code. Please call us to give you more information about shipping.

On special dates such as February 14th, May 10th, and Christmas season we cannot guarantee the specific date if the purchase is not made in advance within at least one week before the requested date.

The confirmation about the delivery detail must be arriving through an email (you can look for the email on your inbox or in spam) once we have the information. On special dates it must take a little bit longer, and that information cannot be either provided by phone call as usual due to the demanding work on those dates.



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